• Kanchan
    • Kanchan Sharma is looking for Employee as LTE testing

      01 Oct 2014 05:31:23

      Industry: IT
      Profession: Architects
      Skills: IMS Architecture
      Experience Required: 5
      Employment Type: FullTime

      Strong in LTE Architecture

      - Experience with LTE core system interfaces and protocols such as S1-MME, e-nodeB, SGSN, PGW, SGW, S1-U, S6a, S11, S5/S8, Rx, NAS, S1-AP, RRC, GTPv2c, GTP-U, SGs-AP

      - Expertise in Field testing OR E2E lab Testing with strong LTE knowledge

      - Expertise in creating test plans for system level, subsystem level and feature level testing

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