• Shubham Sharma

    Client relation, sourcing, end to end recruitment, social media expertise

    Has 1 years experience
    Profession : HR Professional
    Industry : Hospital & Healthcare
    20 Jun 1989
    Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

I am here for New Opportunities and I am looking for Career Opportunities/Job

I am totally open for new opportunities and no specific location to work i can work in any field where I can use my skills to increase the revenue of the company or individual.

About Me

I love to achieve my targets with perfection in a specific period of time, I am a quick learner and very eager to learn new things new projects, i want to expand my scope of work all the time, love to work with a team and at the same time can manage a team as well. I crack lot many jokes in the office to create a positive environment.

  • Recruitment Consultant QX pvt ltd (18 Feb 2014 - Present)
  • Responsibilities Handeled

    I source doctors from all over the world and place them in the UK NHS Hospitals for a permanent position.

  • Skills

    Client relation, sourcing, sales, headhunting

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