• Shibu
  • Shibu Kurian

    Progressive Mgmt, Negotiation & Advocacy, Monetize Ideas,, Attention to detail, Work under pressure, Organize Chaos

    Has 20 years experience
    Profession : Architects
    Industry : Information Technoloy & Services
    06 Aug 1972
    Bangalore, Karnataka, India

I am here for New Opportunities and I am looking for Cofounder

Looking for CTO, Co-Founder role

About Me

A spectrum of evolutionary & revolutionary experiences spanning 2 decades on various domains. Interventions that are experiential to slice business EPICS into seamless user experiences. Forerunner with a conscious belief, that philanthropy is a vital element of successful leadership. Challenging status quo through diverse perspectives, reflective approach and practical insights.

A communication evangelist, welcoming to talk about technology & business.

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