• Ivonne
  • Ivonne Torres

    We perform Maintenance, re-localization and new Installations of Fire Sytems

    Has 15 years experience
    Profession : Sales & Marketing
    Industry : Facilities Services
    10 Dec 1969
    Salinas, Florida, United States

I am here for Collaboration and I am looking for Partner

We want to know the requeriments to be a vendor of you company

About Me

My name is Ivonne Torres, I am a Sales Manager of Fire Systems Solutions, LLC. We contact you, because we are interested in offer fire systems maintenance, re-localization and new installations services. We are in the market by 2 years as a company, but we had technicians with more than 15 years of experience. We are a local company.
We are from Salinas, Puerto Rico, but we put United States in Country and Florida in the State, because if we not complete this section, we are not allowed to have access to the register. We apology for that.

  • Technicians of fire system services Fire Systems Solutions, LLC (21 Dec 2015 - Present)
  • Responsibilities Handeled

    Over 15 year of experience, installing fire systems.
    Customers Medtronic, IRSI International, Interiores JJ

  • Skills

    Maintenance, re-localization and new installations of fire systems services

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