• Sameer
  • Sameer Khan

    Sales, Web Designing, Web Development

    Has 0 years experience
    Profession : Developer
    Industry : Retail
    20 Nov 1992
    Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

I am here for Collaboration and I am looking for Cofounder

I need a co founder who have previous experience in retail sector or atleast worked in any ecommerce companies who can share the same vision to grow the business idea and building the product.

About Me

Hello Folks!
I am Sameer Khan from Hyderabad. Presently, working on a ecommerce idea which can really change the way people shop.
I have a previous experience as a co founder in my brother's company and left that position to work on this ecommerce idea.

  • Founder/Developer Yawsome (27 Dec 2016 - Present)
  • Responsibilities Handeled

    I have very limited experience of my brother's startup, have expertise in developing websites and limited knowledge of designing too, Location is Hyderabad, Fund needed is min 50 lacs to grow the business, Industry: Ecommerce.

  • Skills

    Sales, Web Development

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