• Aniriddha
  • Aniriddha Wakchaure

    sales, marketing, negotiations, account management, team development, business development, profit making.

    Has 12 years experience
    Profession : Marketing Professional
    Industry : Industrial Automation
    25 Nov 1984
    Thane, Maharashtra, India

I am here for New Opportunities and I am looking for Career Opportunities/Job

Wish to work with the senior management team in solving complex problems . Mostly in tech .

About Me

Experienced professional in the field of Marketing and negotiations. Skilled in team management having dabbled in various ventures for the last decade. Strong hold on strategy planning and market pivoting.

  • Partner Flamingo Industries (15 Jan 2013 - Present)
  • Responsibilities Handeled

    Sales, manufacturing, accounts, contract employment, recruitment, procurement, budgeting, finance planning, sales forecasting, market pivoting, negotiations.

  • Skills

    Same as earlier

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