• Ramakant Sharma

    marketing, business development, marketing strategy, business plan, B2B marketing development, project management

    Has 4 years experience
    Profession : Entrepreneur
    Industry : Business Supplies & Equipments
    10 Jan 1989
    New Delhi, New Delhi, India

I am here for Professional Networking

About Me

I am founder & CEO of Alliedhunt with Post Graduate Engineer in Mechanical and started my entrepreneurial journey in 2012 and established Cruxweld (P) Limited, a welding and cutting machine manufacturing unit in Faridabad. I developed an alternative cost effective mode of sale by eSales method which is the sale by virtual mode without visiting any representatives. Based on my working experience in Cruxweld, I came up with the vision of a universal online portal being the ultimate solution to each and every industrial requirement which paved the way for the creation of Alliedhunt.

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