• Neeraj Kapil

    Recruitment, Training & Development, Organization Development

    Has 13 years experience
    Profession : HR Professional
    Industry : Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
    09 Sep 1982
    Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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About Me

I have 13 years experience in Human Resources Profile. Over this period, I have proven track record in coaching, developing supervisors and decreasing employee relations issues and demonstrated ability to build a positive working relationship at all levels. I have experience with training, HR metrics, and numerous HR systems and responsible for spearheading end-to-end recruitment and providing right people/resource at the right place and right time across diverse industries viz. IT, ITeS, Telecom, BPO, US Healthcare, Engineering & Power.

Key Accomplishments:
- Played a key role in attaining reduction in external agencies dependency from 45% in the year 2012 to 27% in the year 2013 which paved a way in earning annual savings of INR 10.7 million

- Hired over 200 employees on extremely short notice

- Carried out Training and Development Program and met high standards of employee satisfaction

- Implemented HR Process for startup company with the help of CMMI v1.1/v1.2

Along with the HR skills, I will bring a creative and positive energy and strong organization, project management, management, consulting, and communication skills to your organization, accompanied by a strong desire to work with others towards a common goal.

  • St. Joseph's College
    B.Sc (Bachelor of Science)
    Bangalore University
    Year of passing: 2004
    Marks: 60.6%

    BSc. Environmental Science

    200 Hours Honors Course in Entomology & Genetics from St. Joseph’s College Bangalore University during Year 2001-2003

    Research: Dermatoglyphics (Fingerprint Analysis for Health and Inbuilt Skills in Human)

    Research: Myasis ( Project on Curing diseases caused due to flesh eating flies and germs in open & closed wounds in Human with the help of Neem & Tulsi extract)
  • IASE
    MSc (Master in Science)
    Year of passing: 2006
    Marks: 68.8%

    MSc. Bioinformatics

    Published Research Journal
    Structure of MAGE_1 Protein: Published Work in PDB ID 2H5T
    Website: Protein - http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/files/2h5t.pdb worldwide protein bank- http://www.pdb.org/
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