• Amit
  • Amit Kandwal

    Business administration,food and beverage,People management,Marketting(digital and traditional)

    Has 20 years experience
    Profession : Entrepreneur
    Industry : Hospitality
    04 Aug 1980
    chennai, Chandigarh, India

I am here for Collaboration and I am looking for Cofounder

I need a partner who can manage project with regards to developing software and can manage set up the product side of the product that we want to develop. The idea is complete, very competitive and nible, can be applied in various forms and have extremly high chances of sucess in todays market. We already have connection and network to support in the business to test and get it online.

  • director food and beverage Oberoi hotels and resorts (15 Dec 2008 - Present)
  • Responsibilities Handeled

    20 years of experience in the business
    managing people
    Constantly imporving processes and evolve business model by being innovative and staying ahead of the other competition.

  • Skills

    customer service, people management, food and beverage,marketing,service excellence

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